Ancient Egypt Timeline

6000 BC
Around 6000 BC Egyptians settled in the valley near Nile. They used river Nile’s clay and silt for pottery vessels.

5000 BC
People of Egypt farmed cattle and grew wheat and barley on the Nile valley.

4500 BC
Egyptians began to build ships and boats with sails. Boats were the common form of transport.

3500 BC
First hieroglyphic symbols and writings were created. Egyptians made those symboms usually to the walls.

3100-2950 BC
Late Predynastic Period. Egyptian state foundation. Walled towns and villages were built in Egypt.

2950-2575 BC

Early Dynastic Period: Dynasties 1-4. The capital city of Memphis were created. The first pyramid was built at Saqqara.

2575-2150 BC
Old Kingdom: Dynasties 4-8. Egyptians built the Great Pyramids at Dahshur and Giza. The Great Sphinx of Giza was built.

2125-1975 BC
1st Intermediate Period: Dynasties 9-11. The land of Egypt had two states, the capitals were Memphis and Thebes.

1975-1640 BC
Middle Kingdom: Dynasties 11-14. This was the classical period of literature and art in ancient Egypt history. Mentuhotep reunites Egypt.

1630- 1520 BC
2nd Intermediate Period: Dynasties 15-17. Around 1550 BC several of the royal tombs were built in the Valley of the Kings.

1539-1075 BC
New Kingdom: Dynasties 18-20. Egyptian civilication grew in Near East and Nubia. The female pharaoh Hatshepsut ruled Egypt. Ramesses II ruled Egypt. King Tutankhamun was buried in the Valley of the Kings in 1325 BC.

1075-715 BC
3rd Intermediate Period: Dynasties 21-25. Nubians conquered Egypt in 800 BC.

715-332 BC
Late Period: Dynasties 20-30, Persian Period 2. Assyrians conquered Egypt for the short time. Persian ruled Egypt for over 100 years but Egypt got its independent again (404-343 BC).

332 BC-395 AD
Greco-Roman Period. Egypt was occupied by Alexander the Great. The Rosetta Stone was created. The reign of Cleopatra VII. Egypt was the part of the Roman Empire.

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