Slaves and Slavery in Ancient Egypt

In the ancient days, slavery is a usual thing. If you take any place the majority people make the minority people as a salve. This kind of act is called slavery; this situation is persists still in many countries. Slaves and slavery in ancient Egypt is not that much affect the people, the intensity of slavery is very low compared to the slavery in the America, Greece etc. Slavery in the ancient Egypt is a controversial one because not clear evidence are founded by the archeologist, some of them told there is slavery and slaves in the ancient Egypt but some of them told there is slavery in the ancient Egypt.

As we go in the deep search about the slavery in the Egypt we understand that slavery is nothing but insist the people to do certain activities, and make the people in owner control. This situation is exactly not happen in the ancient Egypt, the owners are treated the slaves as a servant, some of the owners are treated the servant like slaves. In ancient Egypt most of the slaves are commanded to do the household activities of the owners, the owner can exchange the slaves for the money.

If we originally slaves are treated as a servant in ancient Egypt, the owners also protect the slaves from the other difficulties. Some of the slaves are having owner of single person, but some of the slaves are working for the organizations like big temples, and big estates. Enslavement in the Egypt is not very discriminated, they owners are giving rights to their slave and slaves are not sending them in to jail. The slaves who are live in the ancient Egypt are not had a permanent home, they always use the tenants. They like to keep on changing the living place, because they search for more jobs in the temples, estates are any other organization.

In other ancient cultures, such as Rome, slaves had no rights or protection under the law. Of course today any Cincinnati criminal lawyer would fight for the rights of any person, whether he was a slave or a free citizen.