Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing and Rosetta Stone

During the ancient Egyptian times, the Egyptians felt that it was important to communicate and record the information about their government and religion (just as the modern world records their information) because of this reason they invented written scripts. Ancient Egyptians use hieroglyphics to record their documents. The hieroglyphics are a way Egyptians wrote using pictures and symbols. In the Greek language, hieroglyphics mean sacred carvings. Hieroglyphics lasted for over three thousand years. Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics on temples, monuments and stone. Egyptians copied the words for the kinds and queens. Those words were known as the words of their gods. Instead of reading right to left, some of the hieroglyphics read from left to right. The Egyptians knew which way to read the hieroglyphics by the way animal was facing. Visit other countries and learn more about other cultures and ways of life. Visit Punta Cana Dominican Republic or Cancun Mexico and learn about the culture.

The ancient Egyptians created the Rosetta stone. The Rosetta stone was a piece of stone that was black in color. This stone was found in 1799 around the city of Rosetta by some French soldiers. The Rosetta stone had three different languages on it. One of the languages was Greek and the other two languages were a form of Egyptian language. Scholars were able to decipher the Greek letters, but after they studied the two languages for twenty years, they were not able to figure it out. Finally, Jean Champollion discovered that the characters written by the Egyptians stood for sounds and that was the mystery language. Champollion discovered this because he was able to read both Coptic and Greek. When this was discovered, the scholars were finally able to figure out what the writing on the walls of pyramids and tombs means. The Rosetta stone has helped everyone to understand more about the ancient Egyptian people.

It is believed that the Rosetta stone was carved in 196 B.C. The Rosetta stone is called the Rosetta stone because it was found around Rosetta. The Rosetta stone has writings from a group of priests that were in Egypt in order to honor the Egyptian pharaoh. On the Rosetta stone, you will find a list of all the stuff the pharaoh has done that was good for the people and priests of Egypt. If the Rosetta stone were never found by the French Soldiers, then we would not know what we know about the ancient Egyptians today. We may have still been trying to figure out what the writings on the walls mean.

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