The Role of Women in Ancient Egypt

The role of women in ancient Egypt is very much on the higher side when compared to the other kingdoms. This fact is proved by the number of the archaeological evidence which is being inscribed on the walls of the ancient Egypt sites. There was no division which was being made in terms of the gender, but there was division which was made only based on the classes of the society. Both the gender that belonged to the same class will be treated equally. The women in the ancient Egypt had all the legal rights and also the property right.

The women can manage all the property of hers and can sell it on her will and can also buy any property which she wants to without any kind of the barrier. This is one of the important attribute to recognize the importance of the role of women in ancient Egypt. The women had the right to get one third of the property in case of the death of her husband and the remaining two thirds will be inherited to the son or the daughter or even the brother or sister of the deceased.

The women were given a very good status in the home and they were mostly housed in the mud brick house and will be very useful in carrying out the various works in the home like making the food and other stuffs. They were the one who frequently visit the market and purchase the items which are required for the day to day life. All this facts is based on the theory and the surely The role of women in ancient Egypt is much more than the role of the women in the Greek civilization. The Egyptians were very sensible in recognizing the importance of the women in the society.