Temples and Statues During the Ancient Egyptian Times

Archeologists in Egypt have discovered many different temples and statues. Some of the temples and statues that were found by the archeologists, they have been able to figure out. It took them a lot of time and patience to study and figure out the temples and statues, but it is worth it. There are still a lot of the temples and statues that they are not able to figure out, but they will never give up on those.

During the ancient Egyptian times, the statue makers had to go along with some laws that were very strict and every one of the statue makers had to follow them. The heavyset statues had big heads, found faces that were plumped and was not allowed to show any facial expression or emotion. The statue could not suggest any movement at all. The eyes of the statue had to be gazing forward with the arms glued to the side. The statues that were seated had to keep their hands on their knees. When making a male statue, it had to be made out of darker material than the woman statues were made. Nudity could only be used on children and statues.

In Egypt, the gods needed houses for eternity and that is known as the temples. In the temple, the most sacred piece you would find it the cult statue. This statue was normally made from precious metal. Statues were one of the most important symbols of divinity and that is why, the big sculptures were built in order to represent the queens and Pharaohs who were famous. Apart from the statues in ancient Egypt, you have the temples. The temples are where the ancient Egyptians would go when they wanted to worship, much like churches in the modern world.

The temples had to be kept in order and clean all according to the Maat laws. If the temple was not kept clean and in order according to the Maat Laws, then the god and goddess would leave and that would cause great unrest for the land of Egypt. In ancient Egypt, temples could be found all over the place. Every city had their own temple built for the gods in the city. The main purpose for the temples in ancient Egypt was so that humans had a place to go and communicate with the gods. As the priests of the temple gained more power, the tombs became part of the great temples in ancient Egypt.

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