Famous Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

We are not sure how many pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt, but we know a great deal of them. In Egypt‘s ancient times, the country had been split up and there were a number of different Pharaohs at the same time. In addition, there were more than likely kings who ruled other regions of Egypt before history started to be recorded.

The pharaohs in the ancient Egyptian ages were known to be not only mortal rulers, but also divine deities. During a three-year time spam, it has been speculated that there were more than one hundred and seventy (possibly more) rulers over the Egyptian land. There is very little information known about the pharaohs in Egypt during the first and second dynasties. The little information we know about the ancient Egyptian pharaohs have come from the Palermo stone. The Palermo stone is an antique tablet that has information and facts along with a list of the pharaohs during the pharonic periods. There is some confusion regarding who the first pharaoh of Egypt was. Some believe the first Pharaoh of Egypt was Aha, while others believe the first pharaoh of Egypt was Menes.


One of the most famous Egyptian Pharaohs is Tutankhamen, which everyone knows as King tut. The death of King Tut has interested everyone ever since his tomb was found in the year 1922. It is said that this Pharaoh died at the age of eighteen. There was a fatal blow done to the back of his head and it is said that the wife and grandfather may have had something to do with this. King Tut became a pharaoh at the age of nine and it is said that there is a mysterious curse that has killed nearly two dozen of the individuals that took part in the discovery of King Tuts tomb.

Ramses II and Ramses III are two other ancient Egyptian pharaohs that have places in the history of Egypt. They gained their placed exerting a big military force and expanding the Egyptian empire. Ramses II is known to be the third ruler to take place in the 19th Dynasty. Ramsus II was twenty years old when he took the throne and he ruled for sixty-seven years. Ramsus II held the second longest reign in the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

Often Ramses III is referred to as the last best pharaoh. The second ruled in the 20th Dynasty was Ramsus III. Ramsus II has many accomplishments on his record. Ramses II seems to have went over the normal limit of wifes and children. This pharaoh had over one hundred children before he died.

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