The Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt

The kingdoms of ancient Egypt is divided into number of the stages which is being separated by a number of the intermediate stages. One of the earliest periods of the kingdoms of ancient Egypt is the pre dynastic period, it was around the 5500 BC when the small tribes around the river Nile established a control over the farming activities and also got into the animal farming. The second period of the kingdoms of ancient Egypt is the early dynastic period which was in the year 3150 BC; it is believed that the pharaohs established the control over the Lower Egypt during this period.

The next stage in the ancient Egypt is the beginning of the old kingdom which prevailed during the period of the 2700 BC to 2200 BC. This is one of the important stages in the history of the ancient Egypt, since there were lots of developmental activities which were taking place in the field of the agriculture. There was building of the pyramid and the sphinx during this period and this stage is also being referred to as the pyramid age. The farming advancement made the progress in the social life during this period. There was an intermediate stage to follow the previous stage in which there was a central government formation.

The next stage in the kingdoms of ancient Egypt is the middle kingdom which was during the year 2100 BC to 1800 BC. The pharaoh during this period started to loose some of his powers due to the initiation of the central government. The last stage is the new kingdom during the period of 1570 BC to 1080 BC. The Egyptians began well during this stage and was dominating by capturing many countries, but in later phase it was loosing out to the foreigners who captured this place. Hence the kingdoms of ancient Egypt has a very interesting history being associated with it.

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