The Children and their life in Ancient Egypt

The life of children in ancient Egypt is very crucial because their life style is not well designed. The children in ancient Egypt is very well in their studies; they attend theschool between the ages of three to fifteen. Both girls and boys are showing interest to attend the classes, both of them studied well. The education for the ancient children is in the form of mathematics, and teachers are interested to teach the mathematics. The skills like reading and writing are very improved even though there is lack of facility. Children are showing interested in various field, especially doctor field is very much liked by the children.

Some of the students show their interest on writing religious story, novels, and etc. many Egypt story are still in the practice, many religious writing explains the habit, habitat, environment, politics, agriculture, transport facility in ancient Egypt.

Instead families could spend their free time attending festivals, playing board games, or traveling on boats down the Nile. The regular practice of Egyptian is son carry the father job when he turned to fifteen years age. Whatever may be the father‘s job it should be given to the son, the jobs are like government jobs, temple jobs, and etc. girls in the ancient Egypt are turned to teach cook, household activities.

After the finishing the school, girls are compulsorily involved in the household activities. If the girl‘s age is crossed 25 then she have the rights to get the fathers job, and also she have the rights in the father‘s property. The marriage of the ancient Egypt is very different than other regions because they married at young. The average for the men to marriage is fifteen years and the average age for the girls to marriage is twelve years. The average life of the ancient Egyptians is forty, their life very short compare to others. The children are selecting their partner, ore lover in the age of fifteen.

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