The Relationship Between People and Animals in Ancient Egypt

There was no division, which was being made in terms of the gender, but there was division, which was made, only based on the classes of the society. Both the gender that belonged to the same class will be treated equally. The people were given a very good status in the home and they were mostly housed in the mud brick house and will be very useful in carrying out the various works in the home like making the food and other stuffs.

The relationship between people and animals in ancient Egypt was considered to most happening with all the more dependence of one on other. The usage of animals to carryout various tasks such as pulling of weights were important in carrying out overall buildup of the structure. One cannot forget the building of huge structures like pyramid at the Egyptian civilizations. These were carried out with the support of the animals. The huge elephants were utilized to drag huge stones and building blocks over a large distance. Also this was considered to be most featuring sign when it comes to talk about the relationship between people and animals in ancient Egypt.

This is one of the important stages in the history of the ancient Egypt, since there were lots of developmental activities, which were taking place in the field of the agriculture. There was building of the pyramid and the sphinx during this period and this stage is also being referred to as the pyramid age. The farming advancement made the progress in the social life during this period. All these activities included the involvement of the animals. Elephants and other huge sized animals have given a large hand in summing up all these operations to net success in most organized manner with the available resources.