Ancient Egyptian Art Paintings

Sit down for a moment; think about the ancient Egyptian art and artifacts. You are standing in an ancient Egyptian tomb, in front of you are all kinds of paintings. These pictures are not only painted on the walls in front of you, but they are also carved there. As you look closer at the pictures, you come face to face with warriors that are obviously hunting with bows, servants that are plowing their fields, kings and queens that are peacefully sitting inside their palace, jackal and falcon-headed gods and musicians that are playing their music. Egyptians really liked their art. Egyptian took pride in the art the created and they put a lot into it.

When looking into ancient Egyptian art, you will find reliefs, pottery, paintings, jewelry some similar to todays watches, statues, coffins, sculptures and other artwork. The ancient Egyptians made art in the tombs for the kings, queens and gods. The religion and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians were often found in paintings. On their paintings, you could find the ancient Egyptians prediction of what they thought afterlife was like. There is no doubt that Egyptian art was both beautiful and delicate.

When someone does art, they must be influenced by something. The fact is that a number of different things influenced the ancient Egyptians. For one, their religion and beliefs was a couple of things that influenced their art. The ancient Egyptians had a number of different art forms as well. They built mummy cases for the bodies of important individuals such as kinds. They believed when the body went into the afterlife, the case would be a beautiful place for their body to lie. The cases were uniquely designed and not one of them was exactly alike.

Another interesting art the ancient Egyptians enjoyed was known as relief art. Pictures were carved in order to give that raised, 3d type look. Many times, reliefs were made with soft limestone. Of course, the ancient Egyptians really liked making statues. Most of the statues they made were of pharaohs, queens, gods and goddesses. The statues could be made really little or large. In ancient Egypt, the statues were not supposed to copy nature, but they were supposed to be symbols of what people in Egypt believed. The statues were also required to be young figures. When you look at the drawings and paintings of people, they appear strange and flat, that is the way they were painted.

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