Ancient Egyptian Sports and Games

In the rich and vast civilization of Egypt, it may not be surprising to know that they gave high importance to sports too. It is a fact that many of the sports and games that we play today have been in existence several thousand years ago in the ancient Egyptian life. You might ask for evidences of existence of the ancient Egyptian sports and activities. The best evidence is the scenes depicted on the walls of the temples as well as pyramids. It clearly shows that Egyptians were people who knew to keep themselves fit. So it is predicted that sports and exercises must have been a part and parcel of the life of the Egyptians.

Many of the scholars have revealed the interesting aspects of the practicing of sports by the Egyptians. Many games and sports formed the Egyptian sports. It would surprise or even shock you when you find that there have not been many differences in the games or sports that we play today and the games which they played those days. Pharaoh and his men had enjoyed several activities like the javelin throw or the wrestling game. This has been found from the paintings as well as murals which date back to ancient Egyptian period.

Javelin throw is a sport for us today but for the Egyptians it was likely to be connected with hunting for the purpose of both sport as well as finding food. Archery is another sport which was a very popular recreation mode for the Egyptians. It seems than the royals have practiced archery for the greater purpose of entertainment than for the practical use of it. It would be obvious for anyone to guess that many of the sports in Egypt were related to water due to its location on banks of the greatest river Nile. It is true that the Egyptians showed interest in water related games like rowing as well as swimming.

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