Architecture in Ancient Egypt

Is has been said that the ancient Egyptians were the first individuals ever known on this earth to build things. Ancient Egyptians are the ones who have taught humanity how to erect and design buildings. The ancient Egyptians made some good achievements and they did it all with simple tools. The ancient Egyptians did not use tools like those that we have in today‘s world; they put a lot of thought into the buildings they designed. Within this article, we are going to tell you some information on the architecture in Ancient Egypt.

In the present world, it is still hard to figure out how the ancient Egyptians constructed such buildings and structures that were at such high level of precision and perfection using only the native and primitive tools that are nowhere near comparison with the modern equipment and machinery in today‘s world. The Egyptians architecture knowledge was as advanced as the architecture knowledge in today‘s world. However, you have to keep in mind that the Egyptians knowledge was experimental with simple tools.

In ancient Egyptian history, there were stone blocks that were being molded with copper, solid stones and bronze tools. There were ceilings, crowns, beams and column bodies that were put at high level over earth ramps to the top of sand heaps. When the Egyptians were building large structures and buildings, they would use the lifting devices that they built. These lifting devices consisted of rollers, wooden gliders, levers and ropes. The architect teams were well-trained workers and most of them obviously liked the work they did. In their boats, they rowed stone across the river Nile, and then they pulled the big boulders on the land to where they needed them. This process obviously was a lot of work and took a lot of patience and large amount of workers.

During the ancient Egyptian times, there was not much wood to build stuff out of so the two main building materials were limestone and mud brick that had been baked by the sun. The stone was usually reserved to build temples and tombs and the bricks were reserved for fortresses, royal palaces, towns and temple precincts. The houses that were built in ancient Egypt were made from the mud that had been collected from the Nile River. The mud from the Nile River was placed in molds where it was left to dry in the sun so that it could harden. A lot of the architecture in ancient Egypt was destroyed by floods from the Nile River.

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