Mythology of Ancient Egypt: Gods and Goddesses

Mythology of ancient Egypt has always been interesting and fun to learn about. Our favorite time in history class was when they talked about the mythology of ancient Egypt. There are many different gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt mythology. We believe the first gods were the forces of nature. These gods were unpredictable and terrifying, instead of being revered, they were feared.

While some were worshipping incarnations of cruel natural forces, others were worshipping beautiful gods that guided the humans to paradise. These mythological gods lived the lives that were a lot like the humans that they were being worshipped by, the Ancient Egyptians. We are going to be talking about Horus, Geb and Nut.

We are going to start by talking about Horus. Horus was a god in ancient Egypt that was fierce and proud. Osiris was the father of Horus and the mother was Isis. Osiris had been killed by Seth, whom was his brother so that he could seize the throne. In order to protect his power, Seth tried to prevent Osiris from developing any children of his own. However, Isis had kept her pregnancy a secret from Seth in order to save her child. Horus grew up in secrecy and he had a determination to avenge his father‘s death.

When Horus grew to an adult, he made a challenge to Seth. During the fight, Horus had lost one of his eyes, this fight lasted until the gods decided to take control and declare the throne to Horus. Seth had then been ordered to replace the eye of Horus. In order to honor the memory of his father, Horus wanted to give the falcon-eye that had been recovered to his father. He then took a divine serpent and covered his wound up. Ever since this, the serpent has been considered as an emblem of the Egyptian pharaohs. Horus began ruling under Re who was the sun god.

Next, we have Geb; Geb was considered the earth god and was worshipped in Lower Egypt. Geb had been depicted as a man with a beard and a good on the top of his head. He was a healer and the provider for all of the crops in Egypt. Many ancient Egyptians believed that the laughter of Geb caused earthquakes. In the ancient Egyptian times, Geb had married Nut. Nut is known in ancient Egyptian times as the goddess of the sky.

The got married without consulting the Re, the sun God. Re was very angry with the both of them and he made their father, Shu, whom is the god of air, to separate their marriage. It is believed that this is the reason why the sky is divided from the Earth. In addition, Re stopped Nut from ever having children.

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